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7:30 p.m. Thursday, September 17, 2015
Sones Marineros, por la esperanza with Laura Rebolloso & Ensamble Marinero
English |Spanish
Tickets: adults $25 advance, $28 door
Youth under 15, students, veterans $12 advance; $15 door

Laura Rebolloso is a sonera and songwriter, who performs the traditional instruments of Son Jarocho, especially "La Leona" and jarana. She also composes verses with topics ranging from nature, motherhood, death, women, Mexican voices, hope and spirituality that help ease the weight of every day life. This Mexican aesthetic mixed with traditional patterns and creativity are presented with Alonso at the piano, Vladimir Coronel on percussion and Hans Barklis in the jarocho requinto and guitar. 

7:30 p.m. Friday, September 18, 2015
First Nations Celebration with Ed Edmo, Felix Chuma Pinguil & folkloric dance! 
English | Spanish | Other
Tickets: adults $6 advance, $10 door
Youth under 15, student, veteran $5 advance; $8 door

A night to celebrate ancestral cultures, oral traditions and dance in our intimate theatre! Join renowned Native American and Indigenous storytellers Ed Edmo and Felix Chuma Pinguil and a troupe of Aztec dancers.


Ed Edmo is an acclaimed poet, performer, traditional storyteller and lecturer on Northwest tribal culture, consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, and recipient of a national Endowment for the Arts grant, Ed Edmo conducts writing workshops, storytelling performances, and informational lectures.

7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 19, 2015
Obiniza with Freila Merencio and her folkloric group "Oñican"
Tickets: adults $10 advance, $15 door
Youth under 15, students, veteran $5 advance; $10 door

OBINIZA celebrates the different expressions of the orishas—intercessory spirits that connect the mortal world to the highest powers of the Yoruba religion. Obiniza reflects the female essence, powers and spirituality of the Yoruba pantheon. Music, drums, Afro-Cuban songs and dances are the elements that will demonstrate the evolution of women from our ancestors to the present.

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Freila began her professional career at the age of five, dancing with her grandfather, Francisco “Tato” Castañeda, in the group Liberacion 75. She was raised in a milieu of Afro-Cuban cultural traditions, becoming a practitioner as well as performer. She gained national recognition in 1990 when she joined Raices Profunda under the direction of Juan de Dios Ramos. During her tenure with Raices (1990-2005) Freila ascended to the position of principal soloist and choreographer, traveling to France, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland as an invited artist and teacher. She has also performed with Yoruba Andabo, NG La Banda Ballet Español de la Habana and has numerous other credits as an actress and choreographer.

1:00 p.m. Sunday, September 20, 2015
Legends of Mexico (Leyendas de México) with Nuestro Canto
Spanish | English
Tickets: adults $12 advance & door
Youth under 15, students, veterans $6 advance & door

“Legends of Mexico-Leyendas de México Mexico is very well known for its legends, myths and tales. We have legends since the time of the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Huicholes, as well as legends after the arrival of the Europeans to the American Continent. We have legends that talk about love, nature and everyday life. Nuestro Canto has gathered legends from all over Mexico and has composed music especially for the legends we narrate during our performances.

“Leyendas de México- Legends of Mexico” is an original bilingual performance with Masks, Movement and Dance, Songs and Music. During the program, participants will learn about Geography, History,Traditional ancestral music and the different languages still spoken in Mexico.

Nelda Reyes, from Mexico, is co-founder of Nuestro Canto, She has been a professional actress and educator from the last ten years and has specialized in physical theatre and in Latin American and Mexican cultural expressions. She holds a MA degree in Theatre Arts from Portland State University and also has studied in the Moscow Art Theatre School at Harvard University, with Luis de Tavira, and with Teatro Línea de Sombra in Mexico City. In addition to from her acting experience and education, she has studied language, literature, and classical and folk dance from different cultures, specifically those of Spain and the Caribbean. She has been a performer in ongoing projects at the Company of Theatre of the University of Guadalajara, assisted in the direction of diverse theatrical and opera productions in Mexico, and while in Portland, she has participated in several productions at PSU, Theatre! Theater!, Profile Theatre and Milagro, as a performer, singer and educator.

Gerardo Calderon, from Mexico, is Musical Director of Grupo Condor and Nuestro Canto, studied classical guitar at the Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico City, Theory and Composition at the Portland Community College and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Therapy at the prestigious Marylhurst University in Oregon. As a professional musician, Gerardo has pursued his interest in traditional Mexican music, Latin American folk music and Pre-Columbian music by performing with folk ensembles in Mexico, Canada, New England, and the Pacific Northwest. He has also toured with choir and world music ensembles, and composed music and design sound for dance, theater and most recently film. Gerardo is on the “Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington” roster since 1993, “Oregon Historical Society” since 2001, and Oregon's “Multnomah County Library System” since 2001.

7:30 p.m. Sunday, September 20, 2015
Passionate Guitar with Alfredo Muro
Spanish | English
Tickets: adults $20 advance, $23 door
Youth under 15, students, veterans $17 advance; $20 door

An evening of the fiery, sensuous, jazz-flavored playing of internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Alfredo Muro.

World renowned Peruvian classical guitarist Alfredo Muro brings to the city of Portland, his great musical passion – the rich folkloric traditions and the signatures styles of Spain, USA, Latin American & Brazil, for an evening of passionate and vibrant music to stir the heart! Music by Piazzolla, Mancini, Moreno-Torroba, Celedonio Romero, Jobim, Powell, Barrense -Dias, Tapajos, Pixinguinha and the opportunity to hear Alfredo Muro’s own compositions!

Alfredo Muro shares the joy of his musical talent while performing, composing and teaching throughout International Guitar Festivals, concerts, lectures or coaching/teaching at his Guitar Studio. These three passions provide the basis for the phenomenal success of this musician and his ongoing and constant evolution. Alfredo Muro’s concerts unfold for audiences as a personal and unique experience of emotional awakening, bringing much more than just strong technical talent to the stage. He brings an intense love for the music he chooses and performs with such great sensitivity and emotion. He has the rare ability to become the music, losing himself in it and enabling the audience to transcend their own experience and share his. While this is evident on his many recordings, it is in live performance where this manifests most strongly.

Alfredo Muro had the honor of representing Peru and the USA in three continents and in several International Guitar Festivals in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic as well as Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, Mexico and Taiwan.  While on tour in Europe, Alfredo Muro played with his group Oro Del Peru for the late Pope John Paul the Second at a “Special Audience” at the Vatican.

Alfredo Muro has presented concerts in many venues throughout the United States as a soloist and playing with chamber orchestras. He had the privilege to be the featured artist at the Kennedy Center for the Millennium Concert Series in Washington D.C, at Benaroya Hall in Seattle and at The Smithsonian Museum.

In March of 2005, Alfredo Muro was selected for the Jack Rosenberg Memorial, Musician of the Month Award, by the Jazz Society of Oregon in their Jazzscene magazine. The Centinela Newspaper in Portland, Oregon, featured Mr. Muro as the “Hispanic of the Month”. The Hispanic Yellow Pages Directory introduced him as the “Pride of the Hispanic Community”.

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6:30 p.m. Monday, September 21, 2015
One Night in Frog Town (Una noche en Villa Ranas) with FROGTOWN
Spanish | English
Tickets: adults $12 advance, $15 door
Youth under 15, students, veterans $8 advance; $10 door
Family of 4 advance $35

Bilingual World Premiere!

FROGTOWN celebrates “Diversity through Music!” in this award-winning all-ages show. Part theatre, part dance party concert, FROGTOWN follows a saxophone-playing tadpole on a musical journey through blues, funk, soul and pop by Emmy-Winning Writer/Composer Philip Pelletier. Featured on THE GRAMMYS, FROGTOWN has won two National Gold Awards and received rave national reviews.

Pepe Raphael – Narrator / Vocals
Pepe successfully blends dance, opera and musical theatre to deliver a fresh and innovative performance. Born in Madrid, Spain, Pepe began his career with the National Ballet of Spain. He then worked with Ballet Liceo of Barcelona and upon moving to the US, danced with Ballet Hispanico of New York, Princeton Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet and, most recently, Oregon Ballet Theatre. Pepe has performed leading roles in Evita with Music Theatre of Oregon and in West Side Story with the Musical Theatre Company and with The Portland Opera. Pepe has also appeared in several major motion pictures, television movies, and has been a featured stand-up comedian. Pepe has sung in Madrid, Paris, and Las Vegas, including appearances with Pink Martini at the Cannes Film Festival and with the Oregon Symphony.

Andy Stokes - Lead Vocals
Andy’s soulful talent and exciting stage presence are legendary. He has performed with Esperanza Spalding, Tower of Power, Chicago, Michael Bolton, George Clinton, Temptations, Stylistics, Curtis Salgado, Linda Hornbuckle, and many others.  A recent inductee into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Andy Stokes has recorded with A&M Records, Warner Brothers Records, toured Japan, and enjoyed a solo career. His recording of the song "Test of Time" made the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. Additionally, he was voice for one of the famous California Raisin characters, developed at Will Vinton Studios. Andy continues to perform his unique soulful music throughout the US and beyond.

Heather Christie - Vocals
Heather Christie was born singing to a family of musicians in the Pacific Northwest. As a baby she attended her dad's rock shows under her mother's poncho. Early on she began playing in bluegrass jams, country & western tunes, gospel sing-alongs & radio theater. After a major stint of spinning seventies vinyl in her early teens, she borrowed her mom's 1940's Martin guitar & started writing music. With nuances of Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones & Joni Mitchell, Heather has written and produced three albums of her own. A Lilith Fair Finalist, Heather has shared the stage and recorded with A-List talents like Curtis Salgado, Linda Hornbuckle, Fred Eaglesmith, Tracy Grammer & Andy Stokes.

Andy Warr - Saxophonist
Andy plays and records for major network and cable television programs, feature films, and blockbuster video games. His  sax playing has appeared on many of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and OWN programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rosie, Nate Berkus, and The Dr. Oz Show. Andy has recorded & performed with a long list of world-class musicians, and currently tours the country with FROGTOWN.

Philip Pelletier - Vocals / Writer / Composer
FROGTOWN is the latest creation from Emmy Award-winning Writer/Director/Producer Philip Pelletier. He is the founder of One World Musical Books, an Oregon company dedicated to creating Socially Conscious Entertainment for all ages. Philip has written, composed and directed projects for film & TV studios like Disney, Pixar, and Amblin' Entertainment. Pelletier enjoys collaborating with all kinds of talented folks, from the LA Philharmonic Orchestra to the Willie Nelson Band. His productions have been Official Selections in over 75 festivals world-wide, broadcast on Bravo, IFC, FX & MTV, and

1:00 p.m. and 6:30 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2015
When Animals Were People with Tears of Joy
English | Spanish
Tickets: Advance $20; Adult at door $25
Youth under 15, students, veterans $15 advance; $20 door
Family of 4 advance $60

Folktales from Mexico and Argentina are brought to life in this dynamic bilingual play.

When Animals Were People is a story from the Huichol Indians of Mexico. As the play begins, Grandfather Vulture, Turtle and Squirrel are making a delicious stew when a stranger asks to join them. The stranger is Wolf who would prefer Turtle and Squirrel for dinner rather than the stew they are making! This story is paired with The Lazy Bee, by I-Iqracio Quiroga from Argentina.  Haragana, the lazy young bee, cannot be bothered with doing her share of work. When the elder bees refuse to let her into the hive she spends the night with a hungry snake and learns her lesson.

Tears of Joy is recognized nationally for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Four of our productions have received American puppetry's highest honor, the Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry. Tears of Joy performs in theaters, community centers, festivals and schools throughout the U.S. and abroad. Each year we perform for over 250,000 people.

The Mission of Tears of Joy Theatre is to produce, develop, and present puppet theatre that celebrates the diversity of world cultures; and to teach children and enrich their lives by helping them experience, create, and perform art with professional artists.

Besides our extensive touring program, Tears of Joy Theatre is a resident company at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts where we present six productions each year, for a total of over 100 performances.

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10:00 a.m. Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Taiko Journey with Unit Souzou
English | some Japanese
Tickets: Adult Advance $6; Adult at door $8
Youth under 15, students, veterans $4; $6 door

UNIT SOUZOU will take you through a rhythmic journey weaving a narrative about cultural awareness and honoring lineage, while recognizing Taiko as an innovative expression for an evolving art form.
Through powerful drumming, personal stories, and engaging audience participatory exercises, this program will share the unique history and context of Taiko in Japan and the United States.

Portland’s newest professional Taiko company, UNIT SOUZOU (pronounced “sohzoh”) is at the forefront of a growing artistic movement within the world-wide taiko community.  With over 20 years of professional experience, Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe, co-directors of UNIT SOUZOU are relentless innovators known for their fusion of taiko and Japanese folk dance.  'Souzou' can be written in three ways meaning 'creation' (創造) 'imagination' (想像) or 'noisy' (騒々) alluding to a force by which new ideas are born and take shape in the world.  Inspired by these words UNIT SOUZOU focuses on building creative and imaginative works for the art form of Taiko.  In addition to creating groundbreaking theatrical works, UNIT SOUZOU is deeply committed to share Taiko through teaching in schools, collaborating with the local community, and offering public classes.

6:30 pm. • Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015
Sueños de Fútbol with Milagro
Written and directed by Ajai Terrazas-Tripathi
English |Spanish
Tickets: Adult Advance $8; Adult at door $12
Youth under 15, students, veterans $6; $10 door
Family of 4 $20

In this brisk bilingual escapade filled with endearing characters and Mayan legends, Candelaria (“Candi”) dreams of trying out for the Fútbol team. She wants to play soccer, but lacks confidence, so she plays videogames instead.  Suddenly, a giant runaway Hamburguesa pops out of the TV and into her living room! Following the Hamburguesa through the flat-screen and into her videogame, Candi embarks on a great adventure in La Tierra de los Sueños.

For more than 30 years, Milagro has been dedicated to bringing the vibrancy of Latino theatre to the Northwest community. In addition to its national tours, Milagro provides a home for Spanish and Latin American arts and culture at El Centro Milagro, where it enriches the local community with a variety of community outreach projects and educational programs designed to share the diversity of Latino culture.

Giovanni "Geo" Alva is a Chicano actor from San Diego, California.  He is a recent graduate from Humboldt State with a BA in Theatre Arts. In addition to his academic training, he also honed his acting skills as an ensemble member of This Is (Improv) and Underground Improv, specializing in Long Form Improv.  As an actor of traditional theatre, he has performed at Chronos and Teatro Mascara Magica in California in such plays as La Pastorela de Creencia and Johnny Tenorio respectively.  This will be Geo’s first season touring with Teatro Milagro and he will also be leading educational workshops for Hacienda CDC’s Expreciones Program.  

Monica Domena is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Washington University.  Of Puerto Rican decent, she is delighted to share her Spanish speaking skills with Teatro Milagro.  In addition to acting, Monica is also a dance and fight choreographer, specializing in unarmed, broadsword, and rapier and dagger.  Some favorite credits include playing Ariel in The Tempest with Central Theatre Ensemble and originating the lead role in Ramon Esquivel’s Luna. Last season Monica debuted at Milagro in the title role of SUPER ANA! and as an ensemble member in Searching for Aztlán.

Shenekah Telles is an actor and costume designer from Las Cruces, New Mexico.  She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Portland. In addition to her acting experience, she brings to Milagro her skills as a costume and hair designer.  At the University of Portland she appeared in the title role of Cymbeline and as Divata in Speech & Debate. In California she performed in The Children’s Hour and Urinetown with Mayfield Theatre Productions. This is Shenekah’s first season of touring with Milagro and she will also be the resident costume designer for the 2015-16 touring season.

Ajai Terrazas Tripathi, Tour Manager, Playwright and Teaching Artist, is originally from Corvallis, Oregon, where he graduated from Oregon State University with a BA in Theatre.  Ajai has directed many community and university productions, and produced, wrote, and directed Stories of Discrimination, two original plays based on real life stories.  In his sixth year in the Milagro touring company as a performer and teaching artist he leads and manages all of Milagro’s regional and national touring productions.  As Milagro’s leading teaching artist he has led social justice theatre and bilingual arts education workshops throughout the country. He is one of Milagro’s resident playwrights, having written and directed the regional touring show Sueños de Futbol.  He does community outreach, and facilitates health education workshops for Opciones y Educación, the Latino Sexual Health Coalition. Ajai is also the assistant grant writer, and the development and production assistant for Milagro touring and educational programs

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6:30 pm. • Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015
Okropong from The Obo Addy Legacy
English | Ga
Tickets: Adult Advance $8; Adult at door $10
Youth under 15, students, veterans $5; $8 door

Okropong provides audiences with a performance that explodes with the sounds of authentic African rhythm and song.

Okropong meaning “eagle” in Obo Addy’s native Ga language, performs traditional Ghanaian dance and music chosen from the various ethnic cultures in Ghana, including Ga, Ewe, Ashanti, Dagomba and Dagarti. Using a variety of hand and stick drums, talking drums, bells and shakers, the musicians build layers of driving rhythms while the dancers, clad in colorful West African garments, participate in an energetic physical “conversation” with the drummers. At the end of each concert, both musicians and dancers engage the audience in a spirited call and response, celebrating that shared experience with them through song and dance.

Established in 1986, Homowo African Arts and Cultures celebrated its 26th anniversary with a new name and a more focused direction for the organization. Hereafter known as The Obo Addy Legacy Project, the non-profit will carries forth the work begun by Homowo African Arts & Cultures while focusing on creating, performing and teaching African Arts following the vision of Obo Addy. Obo passed away on September 13, 2012 leaving this rich legacy for the Obo Addy Legacy Project to continue.

Addy was renowned as a leader, a teacher, an entertainer and an artist of numerous genres. Under his leadership and vision, the Obo Addy Legacy Project concentrated its efforts on producing major artistic performances, teaching in both K-12 schools and at the college level, and writing compositions.

“Through his music and teaching, Obo affected hundreds of thousands of lives in the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” said Susan Addy, executive director of The Obo Addy Legacy Project. “His legacy is being written through his commitment to share his talent with young people around the country.” obo-solo

Founded by Obo and Susan Addy in 1986, Homowo African Arts & Cultures originally existed as a virtual cultural center with offerings in schools, parks, community centers and performance venues all over the country. The Obo Addy Legacy Project continues Homowo’s valuable work of adding to the quality of life, the diversity and the creativity of the Northwest.

“The organization’s name has changed, but the vision of Homowo remains the same,” stated Susan Addy. “We will bring meaningful programs to communities encouraging cultural connections, providing a different view of the world and growing as a music and dance professional company as we reach world class status.”

7:30 pm.  • Friday, Sept. 25, 2015
Ora Nui Tahitian Dance with Ora Nui Tahitian Dance troupe 
English| Tahitian
Tickets: Adult Advance $7; Adult at door $10
Youth under 15, students, veterans $5; $8 door

Ori Tahiti, with its rhythmic drum beats and fast hip/foot movements, is one of the most physically challenging cultural dance styles of the Pacific.

Ori Tahiti, with its rhythmic drum beats and fast hip/foot movements, is one of the most physically challenging cultural dance styles of the Pacific. Dedicated dancers gain strength and endurance right along with grace, poise and agility. Ora Nui’s dancers also develop confidence, commitment and team work through weekly practices and public performances. Contact Ora Nui if you are interested in bringing a little piece of paradise to your live!

Ora Nui is owned and operated by Polynesian sister duo Roxie “Tevai” Gabriel and Charlie Okada. These sisters have made it their mission to share authentic Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), music, language and culture with the Vancouver and Portland communities. Since its opening in November of 2011 the school has grown leaps and bounds and now includes dance classes for girls ages 4 - adults and guys ages 6 - adults.

Roxie and Charlie also make it a point to spread the Hawaiian idea of Aloha with all they come into contact with. Respect, Integrity and ALOHA are values that have been instilled into them through their family and values they integrate into their studio and students. It is because of these ingredients that Ora Nui has become a home away from home for many of the dancers, an island paradise in the middle of Vancouver.

Come on by and experience some of the magic of the South Pacific. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday night and Saturday afternoons. First introductory class is FREE! Contact us for more information.


6:30 pm.  • Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015
Bharatanatyam with Anjali School of Dance
English | various languages from India
Tickets: Adult Advance $10; Adult at door $12
Youth under 15, students, veterans $5; $7 door

Join the students from the Anjali School Of Dance in a night of performing a lecture demonstration with an interactive session with audience members. This will be followed by solo and group dances by the performers.

The Anjali School of Dance was founded in 1996 to provide training in the ancient Indian art form of Bharatanatyam to students in the greater Portland area. There are over fifty students currently at the studio in Hillsboro. Students are directed through the rigorous process of learning the basic steps and gestures to choreographing major pieces. They also receive instruction in the various elements of stage performance and production. Students have presented over 800 performances at various community events. There is ongoing enrollment at all levels

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